Who we are

Generate was founded in 1972 to make sure that people with learning disabilities weren’t isolated in their local community. Today that passion still inspires our staff: to support people with learning disabilities to live their lives, in the way they choose – enabling people to discover their passions, connect with their communities and explore ‘possibilities’. This passion drives the quality of the work we do.

We are members of the Connection Coalition and the Gr8 Support Movement.


We work together with people with a learning disability, autism and other disabilities to have better lives and connect to the community as equal citizens. We focus on people’s strengths, promoting independence and inclusion, through learning, work and leisure opportunities.

Generate Values


  • We believe in the power of our community – we are stronger together!
  • We share a common goal to work together with people with a learning disability, autism and other disabilities to build better lives and connect to communities as equal citizens. People are always welcome and supported and we create a sense of belonging.


  • We are decisive and accountable for our actions, and take steps to continuously improve.​
  • We are bold. We break down barriers and are advocates of change.​
  • We are fair, and will not hesitate to challenge injustices.​

Working together  

  • We are a team – we recognise that each of us has a part to play to make a difference.​
  • We learn from others and share ideas to help shape the organisation and our services.​
  • We build strong connections with the community and we form partnerships with others who share the same values.​

Good Communication     

  • We listen and ensure everyone has a voice.​
  • We communicate with honesty and respect.​
  • We share and celebrate our successes.​

Diversity and Inclusion

  • We foster a culture where every voice is welcome, heard, and respected.​
  • We always behave in a way that is positive and ​
  • We embrace the differences of our diverse community with different perspectives and life experiences


  • We think differently to find solutions and challenge stereotypes.​

Contact us

To find out more information please contact :

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 020 8879 6333