Who we are

Generate was founded in 1972 to make sure that people with learning disabilities weren’t isolated in their local community. Today that passion still inspires our staff: to support people with learning disabilities to live their lives, in the way they choose – enabling people to discover their passions, connect with their communities and explore ‘possibilities’. This passion drives the quality of the work we do.

We are members of the Connection Coalition and the Gr8 Support Movement.

Generate Values

  • Generate members will always be at the heart of Generate and at the centre of every decision
  • Generate will dream big to enable people with a learning disability to explore, shape and develop their own futures
  • Generate is committed to having respectful and genuine relationships with everyone
  • Generate works to link people with their local communities and support them to maintain their connections
  • The Generate approach is about using and developing our skills, knowledge and experience and engaging our hearts when we work each individual to improve their lives.
  • Generate will work together with members, families, partners and stakeholders.
  • Generate will empower people with learning disabilities to campaign for their rights

Contact us

To find out more information please contact :

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 020 8879 633