Group Activities

Group Activities

Wholesome cookery: Supported by our resident nutritionist, we can help you gain the skills to create delicious home-cooked meals. We use easy-to-understand menus tailored to your budget. Using take home recipes cards, we will encourage you to cook with and for your family, friends and carers.

“We make a lot of different food like Spanish food; scrambled eggs and then you put bread in and chilli. It’s spicy and you eat it with salad.”

– Lesley

Dance: Dance is a fantastic full-body workout which raises both energy and concentration levels. Generate supports two dance projects – contemporary and urban – run by qualified teachers.

Generate FC: Our football club, Generate FC, train weekly on Tooting and Mitcham FC’s training ground. The team is trained by our own FA qualified coach and regularly takes part in tournaments and disability league championships.

“I say ‘pass the ball’. One of the guys, he wants a goal, but he’s not passing. I say ‘you’re gonna lose!’. Generate is a good place to come to make new friends and meet new people.”

– David

Cycling for all: Our cycling group use a mix of standard and adapted cycles for raising fitness, gaining road safety skills and participating in sponsored rides – all within the safety of our local cycling track and park.

Gym: Pumping iron, spinning, cross training and rowing all form part of our weekly gym sessions. You will have set targets and will be supported to reach your fitness goals by YMCA fitness instructors and Generate support workers.

“I am losing weight. I do weights and the running machine. It’s made me feel really great! Before I used to come to Generate I was depressed. Now I have friends and a fiancée and things to do. It has turned my life around.”

– Jamie

Multi-sport: Basketball, hockey, 5-a-side footy, aerobics… you name it, we do it! Take part in a different sport each week, run by a specialist instructor.

Well-being classes: Yoga, meditation and massage are available to keep you calm, flexible and relaxed.

“Come to Generate! It is a good place and there are lots of things to do, like drawing and art, listening to music, or massage and meditation.”

– Shelton & Andrew

Art practice: Tutored by a contemporary and commercial working artist, we will help you to develop your personal style and skills to express yourself through art. The group study artists, art history and culture through regular visits to galleries and workshops, as well as exhibiting and selling their original pieces.

“Generate made me an artist. I thought ‘give me a try and I can do it’. We take our pictures to an art gallery and sell them. I have sold two pictures. I felt on top of the world.”

– Tracy

Music: Join our music therapy class and learn to sing, play guitar or keyboards, study music theory and develop song writing skills. You can even take to the stage for one of our regular concerts! Classes are suitable for both beginners and advanced students.

“The music group has made an album. And we do summer and Christmas concerts. If you come to Generate you will feel good.”

– Michelle

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