Social Opportunities

Social Opportunities

Our social opportunities project aims to provide a safe and fun environment for adults with learning disabilities to meet, socialise and experience things they may not usually feel comfortable accessing.

We plan a new programme of over 40 hours of social activities and events every month. These range from festivals, boat trips and meals out, to regular activities such as movie nights, themed events, talent contests and our Saturday lunch club. One of the most popular events we run is a bi-monthly disco in the Tap Room at By the Horns Brewery.

You are free to attend as you choose. For most activities there is no cost to you, other than the price of your meal or ticket for example.

We hold a monthly planning session where you can suggest the things you would like to do – wherever possible we try to ensure everyone’s suggestions are used.

“It means going out with friends for a drink or doing something active. Come on down, it’s great!”

– Kyle

“Generate is my lifeline. It is home from home. Come and have a taster session, meet the staff and some of the family members.”

– Leon

Independent groups

Our goal is to set up small, user-led groups to enable you to take as much control as possible in organising and planning your own social life. We aim to promote independence and want to help you to build the skills and confidence to meet with others with as little support as necessary.

Generate currently supports one such group, the friendship group. This is a user-led group which was set up by friends who wished to meet regularly. They are Charlotte, Patrick, Chloe, Sarah and Loretta, and they are supported by a member of Generate staff, Lee. The group meets on a Tuesday evening and often go out. They plan all of their own activities. Lee is on hand to help out with things like travel support, booking tickets and making reservations, and accompanying the group to go out when requested.

When the group meets they like to chat, play music, dance and play games. When one of the group has a birthday, the others go to their house to celebrate. The friendship group laugh a lot!

“It is always really funny. We always laugh a lot. It is very entertaining and Charlotte has a great way of winding me up which is very funny. We kind of let our hair down a bit.”

– Sarah

Contact us

To find out more about our social opportunities project, or to get a copy of our latest programme, please contact:

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 020 8879 6333