Inclusion and Engagement

Inclusion and Engagement

Our Inclusion and Engagement departments exists to create opportunities for inclusion and engagement both within and outside of the organisation. Our projects give Generate members opportunities to get their voices heard, improve services, and have an impact on their communities.


We work with other organisation to improve the health of people with learning disabilities. Easy Health is a website created by Generate to store accessible health information.

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We work with colleagues with learning disabilities to translate information into easy read documents, with simple words and clear pictures. We also create videos to make information accessible to more people.

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The Generate Voices Forum gives Generate members the opportunity to come together and use their voice to campaign for positive change in Generate and beyond.

We believe it is vital that Generate members are able to have a say in how services are delivered to them. Through the tool of group advocacy, members join forum meetings every week to share their own experiences and choose topics that they care about to campaign for change in local communities. We want all Generate members to have the chance for their voice to be heard!

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Our supported volunteering project supports learning disabled people to rebuild a life after Covid-19 that is meaningful to them, and to have a positive impact on their communities.
If you’d like to be supported to volunteer, you will be paired with a Volunteer Buddy with similar interests, and together you will volunteer in your local community. There are loads of benefits to volunteering, including meeting friends, learning new skills, and pride in making a contribution to a cause. Find out more.


Surviving Through Story is a website that is collecting the Covid-19 experiences of people with learning disabilities and/or autism, and of children and young people with special educational needs. So far these stories have been missing during the pandemic, but this needs to change!

You can read, watch, and listen to the stories, and submit your own story on the website:

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To o find out more about our Inclusion and Engagement projects please contact us:

Email: [email protected] and [email protected]

Telephone: 020 8879 6333