Supported Internships

In-Work Support

Research shows that one of the biggest barriers to people with a learning disability or long-term health condition keeping their job or having opportunities to develop are:

• a lack of skilled and confident line managers
• a lack of targeted development opportunities
• a general lack of visibility of disability within the organisation.

To find out more about this research you can read the report from the Business Disability Forum

Workplace mentoring service

Our specialist workplace mentors provide:

• tailored work-focused mentoring support for 26 weeks
• suitable coping strategies
• a support plan to keep you in work or help you return to work
• ideas for workplace adjustments to help you fulfil your role
• practical advice to support you if you are struggling at work due to your disability.

This support is funded through the Government’s Access to Work programme. We can support you to make an application.

Alternatively, the service can be self-funded by your employer or by using your own direct payments.

Advocacy support

• Generate can provide you with advocacy support if your employer is taking, or you think they may take, disciplinary action against you. We can meet with you and your line manager and can support you at disciplinary hearings.

• Generate will work with you and your line manager to explore the issues, and draw up an action plan with recommendations such as:

• making workplace adjustments

• giving training within the workplace so that your line manager and work colleagues can better understand how you wish to work and interact with your team

• introducing the concept of a work buddy within your team

• having direct contact with a mentor to support you in discussing difficulties and problems you are experiencing with your job or with your work mates.

Contact us

To find out more about our employment support please contact us:

Email: atwenquiries@generate-uk.org
Telephone: 020 8879 6333