Football Group Have Lots of Fun With A Zoom Quiz

Social distancing measures mean that our Football Group haven’t been able to get together for a game, so on Wednesday they met over Zoom for the next best thing – a quiz!

We spoke to the group and their families in advance, in order to tailor make a quiz to suit them all. This meant rounds ranged from very specific football trivia to computer games, and classic TV shows such as Porridge and Only Fools & Horses. It was great fun and a brilliant opportunity for everyone to flex their brain powers and show off their knowledge. The two staff even donned their fanciest makeshift quiz master outfits to really set the vibe.

The members loved it. Paul said, “It was fun, funny and the questions were seriously hard.” While Ernest thought it was a “great session” “lots of fun” and urged us to “do it again soon.”

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