Adrian’s Experience of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Terry has been part of the Surviving Through Story project. He interviewed Adrian about Adrian’s experience of the pandemic.

Terry asked, “What have you been doing in lockdown?”

“Well calling all of you!” said Adrian. “We had zoom calls during the winter. It was good for a chat.”

Terry agreed. He said, “It is important to keep up with everyone, see how everyone’s doing, and make sure we’re all ok during lockdown. I’ve been attending them with you, with Jake and the others who come along as well.”

“I’m doing Project Search,” Adrian said. “I should be working in the hospital but I can’t go because of Covid-19. So they moved me to the school. I am only doing shredding, recycling, the bins. I also have had lots of zoom calls with Project Search.”

“How did you spend Christmas Adrian?”

“Christmas was terrible last December during the lockdown. Terrible!”

“I felt the same,” said Terry. “Christmas was terrible, it was.”

“Not seeing my friends in the youth club,” explained Adrian.

“You still had your family there though?” asked Terry.


“We had to stick with what was available at Christmas,” reflected Terry.

“What have you done to make yourself feel better during this lockdown?”

“Calling online during the lockdown. We were doing different quizzes,” Adrian replied.

Terry agreed. “Quizzes help us keep entertained and make us laugh sometimes.”

“Have you had the vaccine?”

“I had the vaccine this Saturday just gone. On the left arm. I was shaking on Saturday! I had the Astra-zeneca vaccine.”

“What should we do to make things better when the pandemic is over?” Terry asked.

“It will be better to see all of our friends again in the youth club,” said Adrian.

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