Cash vs. Card at Generate Voices

A highly suggested topic idea from Generate Voices was businesses only taking card payments, people not being able to use cash and the differences between these two, our members finally discussed this at our most recent face-to-face meeting. 

This meeting was hosted by Voices members Jodian and Leon who are both passionate about this topic and have shared their thoughts on these multiple times before. 

Leon started the meeting by asking members if they knew what budgeting was. Our members were no strangers to this and shared their thoughts. 

Nic said “A budget is managing your money for different things.” 

Terry added “It’s making sure you have enough money for payments and buying things.” 

Jodian said “It’s to do with saving.” 

Michelle lastly added “When you have a certain amount of money coming in, you need to work out everything you need to pay for.”

Leon did a presentation all about the differences between cash and card and shared the good and bad points of using both. 

He then asked members another important question: Is it right for people to be forced to use cards? Our members had different experiences so answered this question differently to one another. 

Michelle said “It’s difficult to book a cab without a card.” 

Terry added “You must be very careful with credit cards otherwise you can get yourself into a lot of bother if you don’t track your spending and pay what you owe!” 

Michelle also said “Cards are good, because when you lose cash, it’s gone! But cards are protected, and you can order another one and your money will still be in there.” 

Rio said “It’s important to know the phone number of your bank and your details, in case you need to report your card as stolen.” 

Michelle lastly added “Some banks will ask you questions, and this may be a recorded message.”

For the second half of the meeting, Jodian was the host and shared a video with his thoughts about this topic. 


Jodian then asked an important question to members: Should all shops accept cash and cards? 

Leon said, “All businesses should accept cash and card!” He gave an example of a doughnut shop that makes him feel excluded as they only accept cards. 

Nic agreed and said, “They should if they are really inclusive!” 

Terry added “It’s difficult for some businesses to accept cash, but they should all make provisions to do so!” 

Michelle said “It is a reasonable adjustment that all businesses should make.”  

Terry added “Even Transport services are gradually becoming cashless! The key is to research a place and their rules on payments before going there.” Fantastic advice from Terry!

Leon mentioned another risk of using cards, he added “You need to be aware of cloned cards, as criminals can steal your identity and make a clone card! 

Jodian advised members “If this happens, you need to block your card!” 

Terry added “It’s important to also keep note of when you last bought or paid for.” 

Members also shared how they should be careful when using cash machines and if they need help with managing their money, talk to someone you can trust!


Our members are very aware of what payments shops and businesses take but they all believe that all businesses across the country should accept both cards and cash! 

This is a reasonable adjustment that all businesses should make, as not all people are comfortable with using card payments while others may not know how to use cards.

If you’re interested in Generate Voices and the meetings we run, please do get in touch with the Generate Voices Co-Ordinator’s, Chiz and Tony! 

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