Socially Distanced Treasure Hunt

Cycling to Tower Bridge

To keep our zoom sessions engaging, Generate staff have been having to get very creative! For instance, last week our youth groups took part in a treasure hunt from the comfort of their own homes.

Generate staff Graham and Jake worked hard to put together clues leading to different places around London, and gave one clue to each of the group members. Some of the clues were pictures, some were anagrams, one was a game of hangman spelling out the next location!

The treasure hunt started with a story. Graham’s great-grandfather’s pocket watch had been stolen. The clues, once solved, would lead him to its location. 

Graham was on a bicycle, and the youth members were watching him on zoom, and also able to interact with each other. The person with clue 1 read it to the group and together they solved it, instructing Graham to cycle from Waterloo Station to the Sea Life Centre.

“It was good having my camera on my bike so they could follow the journey,” Graham explained. “It looked like I was going a lot faster than I was, which was exciting! I also had my headphones in. Some of the group were telling me to cycle carefully, some were saying the opposite!”

The group worked together to solve the following clues, and Graham cycled from the Sea Life Centre to the London Eye, South Bank Skate Park, Oxo Tower, Tate Modern, The Globe, HMS Belfast, before finding the pocket watch on a post box by Tower Bridge.

“It was a lot of work, about 60 hours planning for one session, but the young people loved it!” Graham said. “As soon as we finished they were asking ‘When can we do it again?’”

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