Christmas Poems by Generate Members

Merry Christmas from Tuesday Youth Group

by Terry, Kerry Louise, Adrian, and Keither


It was a month before Christmas

December the first

Filled with so much Christmas joy

We could burst.

A nice pile of Presents

Under the glowing tree

Waiting to give

To friends and family.

It’s snowing outside

And it’s as cold as ice,

But we sit by the fire

And Kerry eats mince pies.

Christmas decorations

Are up on the wall

And outside some kids

Roll up a snowball.

And out in the distance

We hear some bells ring

It’s the sound of the polar express pulling in.

The crowd wait for the train

And greet it with applause

Who’s on the train?

Its Terry and old Santa clause.

Santa’s writing a list

He’s checking it twice

To see if Adrian is going

To get his play station five.

We all love singing carols

And silent nights

Kiether just wants

Bright colourful lights.

So the first of December

Menas Christmas is near,

From the Tuesday Club

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas from the Friday Social Opps group

by Luis, Karen, Michael and Leon.

We start at the beginning of Christmas

From the top to the bottom

From Santa’s hat

To his beard soft like cotton.

On Christmas day

There are so many treats

Christmas movies to watch

Christmas dinners to eat.

Turkey and stuffing

Potatoes and sprouts,

And Santa is watching

So you better not pout.

Some people at church

While some are at home,

Some people roam

Wherever you are we hope you’re not alone.

And we hope that you’re happy

With food on your plate

And if you need some help

Come to Generate.

A place you can relax

And happy words are spoken.

Christmas crackers are cracked

And presents are opened.

Christmas pudding on the table

And all around your mouth.

Listen to the sounds

Of carols blaring out.

While Santa flies

Across the skies

And down your chimney

To his mince pies.

We started at the start

And we end at the end

Happy Christmas and New Year

To family and friends!

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