Learning Disability Week 2024 “Do You See Me?” And Pride Month +Disability Pride Month

In the WhatsApp Group May 28th 2024 we asked for a few quotes for Learning Disability Week “Do You See Me” from our members to be done by June during that month three members came up with some good quotes by the time we headed to the Autistic Pride Event in Hyde Park we had some interesting Quotes.

First our member Nicholas Said his view “I would say to everyone out there to continue to be yourselves, look out for each other and remember that you’re all unique and our disabilities and autism doesn’t define who we are as a person and that we can do anything we want, when we want and that we should get that people try and stop us from achieving our dreams”

Leon Added “No more Will we hide behind the screen, We with autism deserve to be seen”

Keither Added The quote that I can give out to you is from my own point of perspective is that if someone ever gives you a negative reaction and all of that, always laugh it off and don’t just be the kind of person that doesn’t just ignore the reaction from a negative people and all of that, but also just don’t give anyone feedback”

Well Said Keither

Nice then went on to add “I wanted to share something personal with you all. Having a Learning Disability has its challenges, no doubt, but I wouldn’t change it for the world for anything. I Prefer the term neurodivergent for myself” He also Added “Being neurodivergent makes me feel who I am and I embrace the uniqueness it brings to my life. That Said I believe there’s room for for improvement in how society supports neurodivergent individuals. a better education system tailored to our needs, improved healthcare accessibility and financial resources could make a world of differences. Thanks for being part of my journey and accepting me for who I am”

Those are really big strong words Nic

He also added about Pride Month as well before the event He did a Poem for Pride Month 2024 as well it says

Why should we hide, all should support P.R.I.D.E. The opposite of day is night LGBTQ+ Community unite. Before June is May the LGBTQ+ Community is here to stay. In a week there’s seven days nothing wrong with being gay. Cars go into parking bays there’s no shame of being gay. Wind represented by the color no one should be condemned for being gay. The sky has clouds the LBGTQ+ should be out and proud.

That was a great poem.

This event was celebrated in June 2024 and Nic Added “My opinion on LGBTQ+ matters is that people should be able to live the lives they choose and that they deserve to be happy and have their wishes respected at all levels. No one should face judgement, abuse or fear for not being who they are as a person” 

Great Say Nic

Also in June was Disability Pride Month in that month everyone celebrates what it means to have a disability and what makes them feel proud of being disabled.

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