Greenpeace at Generate Voices

Generate Voices had a Greenpeace speaker as a guest at one of our recent meetings. 

Our members had discussed Climate Change in a previous meeting and wanted Greenpeace to come to Voices to talk about this in more detail. 

The meeting began with a brief history on climate change demonstrations. 

Our members were then shown how the planet’s temperature has been changing over the years and how the planet has been getting hotter and hotter. 

The greenhouse effect was explained and Jodian said “It is due to humans producing carbon dioxide.” 

Members were then asked if they knew what the Industrial Revolution was. 

Terry answered, “It was a time when the fuel used by the nation changed due to changes in the way we live, but now Oil and Diesel seem to be causing more harm than coal.” 

Our speaker reminded members that coal produces a lot of carbon dioxide and that in the Industrial Revolution, coal was becoming more widely used and its use grew from then as it was also used in homes for heating, light and cooking. 

Michelle asked, “Is that why coal fires are nearly nonexistent?” 

Our speaker said that coal is the dirtiest of fossil fuels, so gas and oil are more widely used, but they still cause a lot of harmful gases. 

Our speaker also explained that climate change is causing draught, melting of the ice caps, wildfires, floods, storms and heatwaves. 

Members gave examples of the high temperatures across Europe. 

The members were then asked what Natural Habitat loss was? 

Leon said “It’s to do with the natural settings for animals being taken away due to deforestation and also wildfires.” 

The members were then shown the impact climate change is having on humans. 

Our speaker also showed us the benefits of alternative renewable sources of energy such as solar power and wind. 

Jodian said “Wind turbines are very good and petrol cars are being scrapped in favor of electric vehicles.” 

He also mentioned pedal power, this is energy that is generated by using a bicycle. 

Leon asked, “Do solar panels store power from any level of the sun?” 

Our speaker answered, “The sun rays no matter how powerful they are can create energy.” 

Terry added “Public transport is the best way to travel.” 

Our speaker asked members if they knew what polyester was made from. 

No one had an answer, so Angela explained that it is made from oil, and it is a chemical process. 

She also asked what we can do to stop making and buying lots of clothes from this? 

The members had suggestions such as buying secondhand clothes from places like charity shops and planting materials such as hemp. 

Leon said “Also, people’s hunger and obsession for new fashion drives the constant use of materials such as polyester!” 

Rio said “When cooking, I use a lot of grains and plants as I know the over consumption of meat is bad for our forests and environment.” 

The OLIO and FREE CYCLE apps mentioned are very good ways of supporting the environment, these are apps that let you give away anything you don’t need any more to other people. 

Leon asked “Do you think people burning fossils fuels is deliberate? 

Our speaker replied, “It boils down to a lack of education and ignorance!” 

Our guest speaker will come back soon for a follow up meeting with our members, Generate Voices thanks them for coming to our group and for inspiring us! 


If you’re interested in Generate Voices and the meetings we run, please do contact Generate Voices Co-Ordinator’s, Chiz and Tony. 

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